5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Marketing

5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Marketing

Marketing has been a huge factor for businesses for hundreds of thousands of years, but it has changed drastically in...

10 Multinational Companies That Sponsored Coachella 2013

10 Multinational Companies That Sponsored Coachella 2013

There is something to be said about marketing companies taking advantage of the lucrative music industry. This is a very...

6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Branding Your Company

6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Branding Your Company

Branding is an essential part of any company’s success. The way that your brand is established and promoted ultimately When...

The Top Marketing Channels Your Business Needs to Invest In

The Top Marketing Channels Your Business Needs to Invest In

Marketing your brand is very important, but as with everything else, the marketing trends are continuously evolving. In saying that...

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slide - Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

Every Monday morning, millions of people around the world head to the office. It’s almost a second home, where we spend hour after hour working away, collaborating with colleagues, attending meetings, joining conference calls and eating packed lunch at our desks. But for some individuals, they’re doing all of the above in an amazing setting. They work for companies that value creativity and have provided employees with a workplace that inspires, a place that employees enjoy. Here are some of the coolest offices around the world:

Company: Lego

lego office campus billund cf moller dezeen 3 - Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

Playing homage to the products that have made Lego a household name, the company’s office in Denmark is a collector’s dream. Bookshelves dotted throughout the building display a selection of Lego’s most exciting creations; from Doctor Who memorabilia and Star Wars spacecrafts, to machine-dinosaur hybrids and working miniature vehicles. The layout of the office promotes collaboration within the large central space, while quiet nooks can be found on the perimeter for those looking for a moment of peace. Anyone not in the mood to take the stairs can make use of the giant slide, which provides a great entrance into the main collaboration area. An abundance of windows means the building is flooded with natural light.

Company: Quicken Loans

Qube 2 700x465 - Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

Creating an office space for 6,000 employees can’t be easy. However, Quicken Loans took the challenge in their stride and transformed nine buildings into creative workplaces; each boasting its own unique vibe. While each office is different, a theme of vibrancy and openness is evident throughout. Artwork is sourced from local artists, and displayed on the walls and floors. To move from area to area, staff can walk or opt to scooter for more efficiency. Meeting hubs are dotted throughout the campus, ranging in size and theming. For downtime, employees can head to the roof bar, challenge colleagues to a game of ping pong, or burn some energy on the Cleveland Cavaliers replica basketball court.

Company: Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market office by Wirt Design Group Glendale California 04 - Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

When Whole Foods Market moved offices in 2013, they wanted to create a workplace them embodies the company culture of family, community, sustainability, health and transparency. Each f these themes can be seen in the resulting offices, in everything from the sheer amount of glass used throughout to the nature-inspired graphics. The heart of the building is the test kitchen. Surrounding the space, a plethora of work stations can be found, offering employees the flexibility to find the environment that works for them. Natural lighting and reclaimed furnishings showcase the company’s promotion of sustainability, while also giving the place a simple and minimalist feel. The many windows also allow colleagues to enjoy great views of the adjacent mountain range while they work.

Company: Ancestry

Rapt Ancestry Finals LowRes 6 700x467 - Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

The past and present create a stylish harmony at Ancestry’s office in Utah. On one wall you’ll find a striking, colourful and modern art piece showcased to perfection, while another wall plays host to a selection of antique plates. The theme of the company is ‘human connection’, which can be seen in the employee portraits that are dotted throughout the office, which are accompanied by an archival photograph of one of their relatives (found through the company website, of course). Colour plays an important part in the Ancestry office, showing the migration of different ancestries through time. Meanwhile shared spaces such as the break room are a rainbow of hues, giving the impression that heritage is global. Furnishings give the office a sense of nostalgia, thanks to the worn chesterfields, plush ottomans, and the giant table in the café that reminds employees of a meal with the family.

Company: Adobe Systems

adobe san francisco office 6 - Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

In 2016, Adobe decided it was high time that they revamped their office to align with their present-day values. The transformation process involved updates to the Wellness Center, two cafes and Customer Experience Center. It also meant connecting the three isolated towers to create a stylish vertical campus. A breath of new life into the West and East Towers saw the introduction of wood and pops of colour. Oversized bleachers, living room-themed meeting rooms, booths and picnic benches allow employees to work in the setting of their choice. Features like the succulent wall and greenhouse meeting rooms connect the outside to the inside. For those wishing to fully transition out of doors, the rooftop trellis has turned the area into a space for eating, lounging and working.

Company: TOMS

slide - Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

On an estate of steel buildings in LA is TOMS HQ. Inside, the buildings original steel rafters and ventilation pipes have become part of the décor, and are complemented by ample reclaimed wood. Traditional desks form one part of the office space, with cubicles separated by pieces of plywood. Meeting rooms are dotted throughout the open place office, tucked into nooks and crannies. Outside, there’s more meeting rooms available; in the shape of safari tents. Motivational quotes are a key part of the TOMS office, with reclaimed wooden strips on the walls displaying some of the company’s iconic charitable messages, and others showing inspirational sayings that resonate with the company ethos. 


600 - Innovative Brands And Their Awesome Offices

Housed within a Grade II listed building in Gloucestershire, UK, is From the outside, the office is the picture of tradition, with the building somewhat resembling a Victorian castle. Meanwhile inside, vibrant colours and the modern décor are in complete contrast. Each room has a distinct theme, including the Star Wars cinema room, ice cave meeting room and ski lodge area. The themes even continue to the bathrooms, with one devoted to the Rolling Stones and another with a steam punk vibe. There’s a multitude of creative spaces for employees to enjoy, either for work or to socialise in. An on-site gym shows the company’s dedication to promoting health and wellbeing, while the historic yet modern giant polar bear and UV paint-splashed suit of armour give an insight into the company’s sense of humour.

getting engagement right 1280x720 e1515404706731 - Motivating Your Staff – and preventing their desire to leave you.

Motivating Your Staff – and preventing their desire to leave you.


Some have it by the truckload; others, not so much. It can depend on so many outside influences it’s amazing we ever get anything done. Life is full to the brim; work, play, life commitments – so squeezing in even more, whether it’s something you want to do or achieve, or something you have to do or achieve, you’re going to need a whole barrow load of it.

Motivating others – surely that’s even harder?

To motivate someone else you’re going to have to see if they have the self-discipline and natural reward to do it for themselves or if you’re going to need to put that imaginary firework underneath them to achieve what it is you need from them. Keeping your staff working hard and earning their loyalty too means you’re going to need to understand the mechanics of motivation and how to use them to your advantage.

Some Psychology Behind the How.

Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory

Frederick Herzberg two-factor theory decided Motivator Factors lead to satisfaction, happy workers, and greater results; and that Hygiene Factors led to the opposite. Feeling like part of the team, enjoying the work, their progression through career roles, they were all positives, yet if parts of their work life lacked what they felt important; low salaries, poor benefits, unhealthy relationships, it adversely instilled a desire to go find those things they needed elsewhere.

Simple enough right? Treat your staff like people. Talk to them. Reward them. Don’t take them for granted and help them feel like they belong – surely that shouldn’t be too hard?

For many staff however, even when their employers or team leaders think they’re getting it right they’re probably not. So don’t assume anything. Acquire real data. Ask your workers what would make them happy. Only they can tell you what they want and if they do then you’re half way there. How you do that is up to you. Regular and open appraisals of both sides are a great opportunity to hear their needs and could go a long way raising their sense of worth and in turn their motivation.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow decided that unless some basics needs were met by an individual they weren’t ever going to become motivated to achieve at a higher level. That’s right. Motivated to achieve at a higher level.

Those basics needs were few: physiological – food, sleep, shelter; safety security, health, wellbeing; love/belonging friendships, relationships, family; esteem a need to feel confident and respected; self-actualisation – and this is the big one, the desire to become the best version of you and achieve everything that comes with it.

To best utilise the findings from this method, again it points to giving staff value within their role. To feel appreciated and have that reason to strive. Self-actualisation.

This isn’t just in the work environment though, so it would help to make efforts to ensure staff are healthy and happy in their home lives too if at all possible. You can help there with fair salaries, flexible hours, the simple understanding that they’re humans too, not just automatons powering the workplace profit machine, and by working with them when they have problems that an ease in pressure or a short term relaxed schedule at work could offer.

The Hawthorne Effect

The Hawthorne Effect could so easily be misunderstood and abused. The science shows that people work much harder when they know they’re being observed. So let’s stand behind our workers with a whip and a cosh!

Perhaps not.

A better way to implement this is with regular monitoring and discussions about their work role. Problem solving together can make someone feel much more motivated as a team player than hitting the same brick wall all on their own.

Another point of interest while gathering the data for this practice was that while making improvements to the working environment it gave staff a feeling of being cared for and appreciation. Each individual change brought an increase in productivity.

Expectancy Theory

This one’s easy. People will behave relatively to what they expect the outcome from their efforts to earn them. Do more – get more. The problem with this is that we don’t always believe our efforts will pay off. So the rewards or achievements hoped for have to be a likely pay-off of real value and that the effort it will take is personally achievable. It doesn’t always have to be for financial gain – the reward could be personal, not financial, but they are rewards as a return on their investment all the same.

Three Dimensional Theory of Attribution

Bernard Weiner believed people want to know WHY? and if they understood WHY it would become a motivation (or lack of) factor the next time a similar situation arose. He learned that the important part of understanding wasn’t so much the WHYS but the attributions to them. The HOW of the WHY. Was the reason for failing a stable one? Acts of God are unlikely to happen twice so that WHY may be an unrealistic HOW. Was the event caused by an outside influence not to be repeated, or one that could be? Could you have controlled what happened better given a second chance or was there no control to be had? Keep asking the HOWs of the WHY.

The best way to put this into real life practice and make it work for you is by attaining feedback.

So we’re back to communication. Talk to your staff. Discuss shortcomings and successes. Learn the WHYs and ask all about the HOWs. Understand their effects in order to boost the good ones and remove the bad.

Conclusions and Those All Important Practical Motivators

So now we know the science – what can we do?

The common themes throughout each scientific theory are Reward and Communicate.

The ways you can reward your staff are numerous. A simple bonus for a particular project result, commissions on sales, a pay-rise or promotion for continuing long-term efforts, prizes for project achievements such as extra time off. Time has been a proven currency of good will to so many people. Just look how we yearn for that extra day off a bank holiday brings. The day off might be worth three times more to your staff than its financial equivalent. And how will you know? Well, you’ll just have to ask won’t you?

Listen to your staff to find out what they really want. Don’t give them a case of wine if they drink beer. Use what they tell you. These should all be mechanisms to help your staff gain a physical or financial benefit in return for the extra hard work you are asking them to give continually. It has to be worth their while.

Give them the personal development they need. Offer them incentives of achievement. Help them grow. Organise training but in your time not their own – or meet them half way if they want something you can’t quite give them. Don’t give with one hand only to take it away with the other. Show them you value them. Work with them.

Build the relationships that count. Try developing Company Days to openly communicate all that is going on in the business so they can feel part of the bigger picture. Listen to their part in current projects. Be a two way street not just the hand that cracks the whip. Team Building is so important but if you’re going down the traditional routes, again, make sure you do it in company time. A lot of your staff will hate these activities being forced on them despite the benefits to you – but it could well be a better option than another day stuck at their desk?

And as research suggests, especially within the millennial generation, that happiness and personal satisfaction is becoming more important than financial gain from our working lives now both are becoming so closely linked, and it would seem the key to this is communication. Ask your staff what they want. Listen and find a way to meet their needs. If you can do this you’ll grow happy and motivated employees that won’t go looking for their happy somewhere else.

And if you get it right, well, why would they?

Blog5 - 5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Marketing

5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Marketing

Marketing has been a huge factor for businesses for hundreds of thousands of years, but it has changed drastically in its form in the past one hundred years. Today we take a look at how that has impacted on the way we do business.


Letters were previously used solely as a communication system between two individuals, but that has changed in recent times. We have come to realize that marketing brands is easier when making great use of this phenomenon. It may not have been the cheapest option to use, but it has proved to be very effective.

video - 5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do MarketingVIDEO

Humans are visual people and we love to watch examples of things. Who would have thought that you could see on the screen of your computer how a piece of technology can work, but now with the help of platforms such as YouTube we can evaluate what the product looks like, how it works and it if could be beneficial for us


Advertisers have made great use of website advertising by using them on internet pages with payments coming in depending on the amount of clicks produced. This is a very effective way of a company getting their name out there as people are constantly opening up various tabs online and in turn spotting these ads.

email - 5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Marketing


Emailing is one of the most efficient ways to promote your product or service. Customers love learning about new things and if you get you emailing game on the level that it should be, it creates a very responsive effect from possible clients. It is also a great way of keeping in touch with our previous customers and creating a long term relationship with them. The main and deciding factor on whether or not your email marketing will in fact work is for you to create fun and inviting emails, whilst keeping them professional.


Social media marketing platforms have drastically changed the way we engage with our potential customers. The facts and figures really speak for themselves. In the year 2017, an astounding 81 percent of Americans have an active social media account which means that one great social media post can reach over 80 percent of the population. Not only that, but you can market to the whole world also, with users that are active reaching 1.96 billion people. By 2018 that number is set to soar, having one third of the people on the planet using these platforms. Now that is something to write home about.

As you can see the evolution of modern marketing has had the impact of reaching many more people than classic marketing was able to.

Blog4 - 10 Multinational Companies That Sponsored Coachella 2013

10 Multinational Companies That Sponsored Coachella 2013

There is something to be said about marketing companies taking advantage of the lucrative music industry. This is a very clever way for brands to connect with their younger customers. In doing so they can form a firm bond with their younger audiences that will follow through the rest of their lives potentially. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars at the least, with amounts totaling in the billions for some of the biggest music festivals around.


One of the most famous musical festivals that is world renowned is Coachella, with its popularity growing year in and year out to remarkable lengths. Coachella is a celebrity magnet that not only has famous people performing, but also has celebs running around the place snapping photos for social media platforms reaching millions of people per photo. Attracting huge crowds for festivals such as Coachella is no problem due to the wide range of musical genres performing. Coachella has seen musical performances from the likes of Prince, Daft Punk, Rage Against the Machine, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, the Chemical Brothers, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna and - 10 Multinational Companies That Sponsored Coachella 2013

Famous festival goers that flock to Coachella routinely include Paris Hilton, Diane Kruger, Kendal Jenner, Lady Gaga, Drake, Selena Gomez and many, many more. Utilizing social media tools like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to show how much of a good time they are having. Marketing gurus will see that this is one of the best ways to advertise their brands, hoping to end up in one of those photos. Two Coachella weekends in the year 2013 brought a record breaking $67 million. Today we cover ten of the biggest brands that sponsor great music festivals around the world such as Coachella. Check out the list below for the brands that rake in the big bucks.

COACHELLA 2013 Sponsors

music2 - 10 Multinational Companies That Sponsored Coachella 2013Other brands that are very active on the music festival scene include Heineken, Jägermeister, Budweiser, State Farm and Jack Daniel’s. There are also brands like Microsoft, Fiat and Dr. Pepper that have backed and played one of the principal roles in breaking through some of the biggest musical hits in the world. It is safe to say that the music industry is huge, but still growing and investing in marketing these festivals is one of the best ways to push your brand, skyrocketing it into the stratosphere.

Blog3 - 6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Branding Your Company

6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Branding Your Company

Branding is an essential part of any company’s success. The way that your brand is established and promoted ultimately

When you are branding your company there are a number of things to take into consideration so that you can create a signature brand that people will be able to connect with, but most of all become recognizable amongst some of the best in your industry. Here are the six questions you need to answer before putting all your money into marketing your brand. Read below and reflect on which ones you have the answers to and which ones you really need to reconsider.


What is in a name? A lot apparently and this is by far is one of the most important factors you need to have just to get you started.


What is the industry or niche that your company fits into? By understanding this you will be able to figure out where you can go from here and who your competition is.img3 - 6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Branding Your Company


Knowing your target audience is key when driving your business forward. Think about where they live, what age they are, their lifestyle, their job and many other factors.


What makes you different from the rest of the pack? The answer can be anything from the services you provide, your one of a kind product or your brand itself.img4 - 6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Branding Your Company


By narrowing down your niche and your target audience in combination with your special X factor you can deduct who your competition is. This is hugely important in that you can use the best in the business as your mentors. Look at what they are doing that is making them so successful and then see what you can do with your own company.


Somewhat different from the X factor, you need to discover what benefits your company can offer its clients. Relaying this to them is necessary in order to gain trust and a great reputation.

These six questions need to be asked before deliberating your marketing strategy. Although they may seem simple, some of them will take time to answer and that is OK. Exploring these questions will allow you to learn more about your company and how you can make your mark in the industry.

b11 - The Top Marketing Channels Your Business Needs to Invest In

The Top Marketing Channels Your Business Needs to Invest In

Marketing your brand is very important, but as with everything else, the marketing trends are continuously evolving. In saying that there are certain platforms which you should definitely look into when it comes to marketing. Leave classic marketing in the back seat and check out the best forms of marketing you may not have considered.img2 - The Top Marketing Channels Your Business Needs to Invest In

Video Marketing

So it’s not rocket science that Google is the number one search engine in the world and has held that place for a very long time. But it may surprise you to know that the second most popular search tool is YouTube. Creating your own video content will get your business on the map.

Multiple Device Marketing

Getting your message across on the internet is great, but getting your name out there on wearable devices is the one of the upcoming marketing strategies out there.img1 - The Top Marketing Channels Your Business Needs to Invest In


Make sure to never forget email marketing. This remains one of the easiest and most used platforms to communicate for people. Emailing is a fantastic tool as long as it is done correctly. Make sure that you email doesn’t end up in the spam folder by following some rules. Keep the content interesting, but make an impact with the subject line, keeping it relevant and interesting.

SEO is key

SEO marketing is something that needs to be taken seriously because key words are the tools that will get you noticed and recognized, confirming your site is up there in Google’s search engine. If you are unsure about what you need to do to key your keywords in order make sure to enlist the help of a professional. They will get you on the path to your success one word at a time.

BLog2 - 3 Signs You Need To Invest More Cash In Marketing

3 Signs You Need To Invest More Cash In Marketing

How do you know if your marketing game is not on point? How much should you be spending, and is it even working? Here are some tips that might let you in on the fact that your marketing game needs some work.


comp1 - 3 Signs You Need To Invest More Cash In Marketing

Simply put, if the brands that were less successful at one stage are slowly but surely overtaking you then it’s time to make a move. You can see this if there are competitors overtaking you in search results. Chances are they have enlisted the help of professionals to give them that extra SEO push.


You might be using and reusing the same email tactics on a regular basis or your subject line might be putting potential clients off. Freshen things up and get your act together. Have a look at some of the best emails from the best in the business if you need a boost and you might just find something inspiring that will get you over the line and in the inbox.


comp2 - 3 Signs You Need To Invest More Cash In Marketing

Google takes not of everything including the way you go about writing your blog posts. If they are not regular or they are just uninteresting you are sure to go down in the ranks. Other companies may have hired professionals to write blogs and this might be something you should consider if it needs work.