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Every Monday morning, millions of people around the world head to the office. It’s almost a second home, where we spend hour after hour working away, collaborating with colleagues, attending meetings, joining conference calls and eating packed lunch at our desks. But for some individuals, they’re doing all of the above in an amazing setting. They work for companies that value creativity and have provided employees with a workplace that inspires, a place that employees enjoy. Here are some of the coolest offices around the world:

Company: Lego

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Playing homage to the products that have made Lego a household name, the company’s office in Denmark is a collector’s dream. Bookshelves dotted throughout the building display a selection of Lego’s most exciting creations; from Doctor Who memorabilia and Star Wars spacecrafts, to machine-dinosaur hybrids and working miniature vehicles. The layout of the office promotes collaboration within the large central space, while quiet nooks can be found on the perimeter for those looking for a moment of peace. Anyone not in the mood to take the stairs can make use of the giant slide, which provides a great entrance into the main collaboration area. An abundance of windows means the building is flooded with natural light.

Company: Quicken Loans

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Creating an office space for 6,000 employees can’t be easy. However, Quicken Loans took the challenge in their stride and transformed nine buildings into creative workplaces; each boasting its own unique vibe. While each office is different, a theme of vibrancy and openness is evident throughout. Artwork is sourced from local artists, and displayed on the walls and floors. To move from area to area, staff can walk or opt to scooter for more efficiency. Meeting hubs are dotted throughout the campus, ranging in size and theming. For downtime, employees can head to the roof bar, challenge colleagues to a game of ping pong, or burn some energy on the Cleveland Cavaliers replica basketball court.

Company: Whole Foods Market

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When Whole Foods Market moved offices in 2013, they wanted to create a workplace them embodies the company culture of family, community, sustainability, health and transparency. Each f these themes can be seen in the resulting offices, in everything from the sheer amount of glass used throughout to the nature-inspired graphics. The heart of the building is the test kitchen. Surrounding the space, a plethora of work stations can be found, offering employees the flexibility to find the environment that works for them. Natural lighting and reclaimed furnishings showcase the company’s promotion of sustainability, while also giving the place a simple and minimalist feel. The many windows also allow colleagues to enjoy great views of the adjacent mountain range while they work.

Company: Ancestry

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The past and present create a stylish harmony at Ancestry’s office in Utah. On one wall you’ll find a striking, colourful and modern art piece showcased to perfection, while another wall plays host to a selection of antique plates. The theme of the company is ‘human connection’, which can be seen in the employee portraits that are dotted throughout the office, which are accompanied by an archival photograph of one of their relatives (found through the company website, of course). Colour plays an important part in the Ancestry office, showing the migration of different ancestries through time. Meanwhile shared spaces such as the break room are a rainbow of hues, giving the impression that heritage is global. Furnishings give the office a sense of nostalgia, thanks to the worn chesterfields, plush ottomans, and the giant table in the café that reminds employees of a meal with the family.

Company: Adobe Systems

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In 2016, Adobe decided it was high time that they revamped their office to align with their present-day values. The transformation process involved updates to the Wellness Center, two cafes and Customer Experience Center. It also meant connecting the three isolated towers to create a stylish vertical campus. A breath of new life into the West and East Towers saw the introduction of wood and pops of colour. Oversized bleachers, living room-themed meeting rooms, booths and picnic benches allow employees to work in the setting of their choice. Features like the succulent wall and greenhouse meeting rooms connect the outside to the inside. For those wishing to fully transition out of doors, the rooftop trellis has turned the area into a space for eating, lounging and working.

Company: TOMS

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On an estate of steel buildings in LA is TOMS HQ. Inside, the buildings original steel rafters and ventilation pipes have become part of the décor, and are complemented by ample reclaimed wood. Traditional desks form one part of the office space, with cubicles separated by pieces of plywood. Meeting rooms are dotted throughout the open place office, tucked into nooks and crannies. Outside, there’s more meeting rooms available; in the shape of safari tents. Motivational quotes are a key part of the TOMS office, with reclaimed wooden strips on the walls displaying some of the company’s iconic charitable messages, and others showing inspirational sayings that resonate with the company ethos. 


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Housed within a Grade II listed building in Gloucestershire, UK, is From the outside, the office is the picture of tradition, with the building somewhat resembling a Victorian castle. Meanwhile inside, vibrant colours and the modern décor are in complete contrast. Each room has a distinct theme, including the Star Wars cinema room, ice cave meeting room and ski lodge area. The themes even continue to the bathrooms, with one devoted to the Rolling Stones and another with a steam punk vibe. There’s a multitude of creative spaces for employees to enjoy, either for work or to socialise in. An on-site gym shows the company’s dedication to promoting health and wellbeing, while the historic yet modern giant polar bear and UV paint-splashed suit of armour give an insight into the company’s sense of humour.

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