modernoffice2 - 9 Ways To Design An Awesome Office

We live in a fast paced changing world where competition reigns and companies work harder than ever. It is where the majority of our days are spent. To maintain a consistent and strong level of productivity, firms are innovating their work spaces and even finding quirky locations such as large warehouses, or even metal garages for sale to create an ambiance of inspiration and creativity.

After all, one’s surroundings has a direct impact on their frame of mind. Imagine dipping your toes in aqua-clear crystal waters, feel the soft crimson sand under your feet and breathe in the fresh, salty air. You will feel calm and at peace. It is hard to replicate that feeling within four walls where nothing exists except for your desk, chair and computer. We recommend a few ways to spruce things up within your work space that will help in keeping your employees motivated!

  1. Let the Sun Shine

Who doesn’t feel fabulous in the great outdoors? Nature is king in boosting levels of productivity. Insert wooden floors and panels, install a bright floral wallpaper or simply bring in plants to create a lush environment. Did you know that plants help to diminish levels of mold, dust and carbon dioxide? This will ameliorate the general well-being of your workers and will aid in avoiding illnesses such as coughing and headaches. Apart from health benefits, plants liven up the workplace and will help in maintaining concentration.

Don’t forget those large windows that allow bright sunlight to stream in and keep employee morale high. Keeping the blinds open and ensuring that work desks are turned in the direction of the sunlight also is key as well.

You can incorporate materials such as cork, marble, wood or granite in your office furnishings. Not only does it give it an awesome look and feel, it is endurable and will go a long way. Paint your walls earthy shades of golds, greens, browns and blue.

  1. Multipurpose Work Stations

Traditional floor plans are being done away with as the concept of multipurpose work stations is taking over. Having oval or round shaped desks that can accommodate four to six people is gradually becoming a norm. It strengthens team spirit and promotes collaboration. Not only that. Incorporate height adjustable desks so your work force can customize desks as per their comfort. Conference rooms that come with glass windows are still considered awesome, especially that come with external views (if any).

  1. Funky Lounge Areas

Another awesome design idea for your office is to have a separate dedicated lounge area where employees can come in to rejuvenate. Whether it is a cup of coffee they want to have, make an informal phone call or just want a change of scenery, lounge areas are becoming a norm in the corporate world.

  1. Add Personalized Artworks

The days of corporate logo blow ups, images of senior management and trophy cabinets are long gone. Tap into your organizational culture and see what gets your workforce’s juices flowing. Get them involved in selecting the visuals and art that will be exhibited on the walls. It could be your favourite poem, an inspirational quote or a candid shot of a team-building event. Personalize it with your own effects, add a filter or have it framed. The point is to inject a sense of ownership.

  1. Re-think that Reception Area

There are several ways of meeting and greeting your client or any individual who visits your premises. It is a great opportunity to innovate and reflect your brand’s personality. The importance of the reception area cannot be stressed enough. After all, first impressions matter. It is a reflection of your corporate vision that is conveyed to any guest that steps in through your doors.

You would not want your guest to walk into a small, dark and messy area that doesn’t portray your values as a company. Offer a welcoming space that oozes warmth, comfort and most importantly-your brand style. Factors such as the right lighting sets the mood for any meeting that may take place. Put up your work portfolio or customer testimonials in a jazzy way to let your guest know how awesome your services are. Even better, do away with the typical reception area and paint little bubbles with arrows pointing the directions to your different departments. Highlight your brand colours and device a little game for your visitor to make it all the more fun!

  1. Be a little OCD

Yes, it is perfectly alright to be a bit obsessed with cleanliness-especially at your place of work! People have different styles of working and may or not may not be able to function if their respective areas of operation are not meeting basic hygienic standards. Clutter sends the wrong message. Organize your papers and desk so you are able to better organize your work plan.

  1. Get a Chalkboard

Whiteboards, like white walls, are mundane and tedious! Go order a chalkboard to spice things up and give your place some character. Leave each other messages, take notes or just draw a caricature to add some personality to the workplace. This is an emerging corporate design trend and is slowly replacing whiteboards in many offices. Unlike our school days, there are many options available for chalkboards that are not just black.

  1. Get Quirky

Water bottles turned into lights, lockers turned into reception areas, or doors turned into coffee tables-now is the time to let your quirky side out! This not only adds your personal touch to office décor but will not make a large dent in the budget either. It can be anything-ranging from an antique vase to a funky statue.

  1. Have a Theme

Accommodation giants such as Airbnb have embraced this concept and incorporate multiple themes to represent the vast listings they own within their own working spaces. Each floor has its own culturally inspired theme that is offset against natural light that encourages teamwork. You can replicate this in your own office as well and does not need to cost an arm and a leg. We do believe in maintaining budgets.

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