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One of the most effective ways for your business to network and promote your services and customers on the golf course, is by hosting a corporate golf tournament. While it might sound like something of a daunting task. Particularly if you have never held a corporate golf event ever.

However, with the right help and most crucially, planning and preparation, you can host a successful golf tournament for your company that couples as a perfect way to promote it.

Establish a Committee For Your Event

It can be something of a full-time job, the planning and hosting of a golf tournament, even for experienced event planners. It is best to appoint someone as the director of the tournament and set up a team that will help make your event happen.

Although the responsibilities and members of these committees will be determined by your own requirements and resources, you should give thought to assigning someone in charge of the following points below.

Choose A Date For Your Event

This is obviously the date that all of the planning and preparation revolves around. Set it so it is far off into the future, six months at the very least, to allow for enough time for anyone you invite to the event to set aside time to attend it.

Find A Golf Course For Your Golf Tournament

It is crucial to find a golf course and sign on a contract for it as early into the planning process as possible. The golf clubs that are best for corporate tournaments are also likely to be good resources for various other aspects of your planning.

In addition to the course and other amenities related to golf, the golf club will normally be able to help with the food and drinks services that are available before, during and after your event; registrations of players and organising the award ceremony for after the tournament.

Decide Upon A Theme For Your Tournament

By having a specific theme for your golf tournament, it will help set it apart from the many others out there. The theme could be in support of a local community group or charity, or in honour of a special guest.

Calculate And Stick To A Budget

Just like anything else connected to your business, calculating and sticking to a budget will help with your golf event planning. Along with the budget you have for promoting your event, you may decide on charging a fee for playing in a golf tournament, as well as any sponsorship funds.

These costs could include anything from basics such as cart rentals and green charges, to whether you want to make investment in insurance to include big jackpot, high profile hole-in-one competitions.

Get Help From Sponsors

The more organisations and companies you can find to help with the sponsoring of your tournament, the better. Whether this is through donation of the products or services you require, or supply of the prizes you want for competitions or by running mini-competitions. This will all help to make the event more appealing and more cost efficient for your company.

Choose A Tournament Format

The choice of the formant of your tournament will determine the degree to which your event attendees will enjoy it. If you know a lot of people who play golf regularly will be attending, a shotgun-style event, that involves players starting from different holes on the course and playing their rounds at the same time, will ensure you have most players on at the same time.

A popular choice for events is a Scramble or Best Ball if you know there will be players with varying golfing abilities. With these styles of play all golfers tee off and take their next shots from the spot where the best shot in the previous round landed.

Decide On What Events And Or Contests You Will Have

There are various kinds of events and contests, both off and on the golf course, that can make the event livelier and more engaging for all in attendance. Whether it is hosting silent auctions as fundraisers for charities or ‘closest to the hole’ contests, there are various ways to make your golf tournament and event stand out.

Make An Invitation List

The type of tournament format you decide upon will determine the number of people who can be invited to your event. For example, for a ‘shotgun’ style tournament involving only one tee-off time, means it is conceivably possibly that you could have 72 golfers playing, with four to each hole.

Work Out A Communications/Marketing Plan

Along with sending invites, you may way to keep in contact with event guests via postal mail or email. You can increase interest in your tournament by announcing events, sponsorships and new prize etc. as and when they happen.

Carefully Plan The Event’s Logistics

It is important, if you are not going to take on the job yourself, that you assign one person at least with the responsibility of ensuring that everything goes according to plan on the big day. This includes aspects such as the registrations at the start of the day and the prize tables through to the guest speakers and award ceremony that will be held later on.

As you can see, there are a number of very important steps to organising and running a successful corporate golf tournament event. From the course to the number of guests, the type of tournament you are going to host, and everything in between require meticulous forethought and planning.  If you don’t want to take on all this by yourself or even through members of your team, you should consider hiring professionals who know what they are doing. Professionals like a Golf Event Management team.

They have the experience and know-how because they spend their time planning and running golf events for corporate and other clients. With their help you could just sit back or tee off and enjoy the event without all the hassle and harassment of trying to run it as well.

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