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Regardless of whether we’re looking to hire a new employee or retain existing staff members, there can be times when staff fell they are taken for granted. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the business but keeping employees productive can mean ensuring they feel valued. If a company is unable to showcase this, then it could be that a business ends up spending more time in searching for new employees, rather than set future business goals, but how does a business go about making its employees feel valued?

Offer a Productive Working Space

Many businesses are finding that the layout of the office can influence the productivity of a business. Those with the more old-fashioned grey and brown office segregation setup may find that the workflow is sluggish at best, whereas office space that’s open and inviting is more likely to inspire, especially if co-working spaces are available.

It can also be a good idea to introduce plants into the work environment, simply because they make people feel more comfortable and productive.

Even the cleanliness of a workspace can determine how productive a workforce is, so regardless of whether you need window cleaning in London or office cleaning in Glasgow, you’d be surprised at how a thorough clean can help raise spirits.

Listen to Your Employees

Although an employee may enjoy their role, there still may be aspects that they aren’t happy with. An example of this can be the lack of feedback in relation to a role being carried out. While some will take a role based primarily on the pay, there will be those who have a real interest in your company and what it has to offer. Some will also be looking to climb the corporate ladder, and if their performance is up to spec, then there’s very little reason as to why a higher role can’t be applied for.

A company can only really gauge the goals and thoughts of their employees by engaging with them on a regular basis. Not only will this mean that the employees feel more valued, the business could even benefit from the insight that employees have to offer.

Consider the Implementation of Time-Tracking Software

The truth be told, no business likes to keep tabs on its employees. In the ideal world, a business should be able to carry out a recruitment drive and once the right candidates are in place, the business should operate like a well-oiled machine.

Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t quite work like this, and there can be times where the attention of employees may be elsewhere. The use of time-tracking software installed at workstations can establish as to whether employees are procrastinating, and what the cause is.

Remember, it’s not always because the employee is not interested in the role, as there could be a multitude of reasons as to why an employee is not working but keeping track of their performance allows you deal with the problem quickly and get additional support in place should it be needed.

Ensure that Employees are Treated as Equal

There will be times when a company must show its authority to employees. Examples of this can be the punctuation of an individual or a lacklustre performance at work. However, it’s important that a company can trust its employees and be confident that they’re able to deliver what’s expected of them.

Deadlines can be stress-inducing but hovering over employees as they try to work is essentially saying that you don’t trust them to deliver, which means employees can feel less valued.

Trusting employees will ensure that the business is more approachable, and it’s more likely that employees will gain a sense of fulfilment, which in turn means that there are more suggestions when it comes to new ways of working.

There’s Always Time for Fun

When running a business, it stands to reason that there are goals that must be met. While it can be tempting to ensure employees are working as hard as they can, there’s no reason why you can’t inject some fun into the proceedings to boost morale.

This isn’t to say that the workplace should resemble a creche but allowing for five minutes of fun often means a business is able to enjoy a more proactive workforce.

A business can even introduce fun into its working practices. For example, a company that deals with sales could offer an incentive for the best conversions. It’s simple things like these that can contribute towards a more productive workforce.

Give Employees a True Picture of the Company

There will be times when a new employee is introduced into the company, and only told the details of their role. This can mean that new employees don’t fully understand the nature of the business, which means their approach to the role could be affected.

Those who are given a full overview of the company will better understand its goals and be in a better position to fulfil their role. It also allows employees to find out more about the opportunities available to them should they flourish in their current role.


Depending on who you speak to, many will have their opinion as to what makes an employee feel valued. Unfortunately, not every company will have the employee’s best interests at heart, which can often mean an opportunity elsewhere may be taken advantage of.

There’s no real science when it comes to creating a productive workplace, it’s really a case of ensuring that employees are fully aware of their role, and should they have any questions or concerns, then the relevant support is in place.

If the business is currently considering an office makeover, then now may be the time to make the investment, especially those looking to ensure that productivity keeps momentum.

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