Blog5 - 5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Marketing

Marketing has been a huge factor for businesses for hundreds of thousands of years, but it has changed drastically in its form in the past one hundred years. Today we take a look at how that has impacted on the way we do business.


Letters were previously used solely as a communication system between two individuals, but that has changed in recent times. We have come to realize that marketing brands is easier when making great use of this phenomenon. It may not have been the cheapest option to use, but it has proved to be very effective.

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Humans are visual people and we love to watch examples of things. Who would have thought that you could see on the screen of your computer how a piece of technology can work, but now with the help of platforms such as YouTube we can evaluate what the product looks like, how it works and it if could be beneficial for us


Advertisers have made great use of website advertising by using them on internet pages with payments coming in depending on the amount of clicks produced. This is a very effective way of a company getting their name out there as people are constantly opening up various tabs online and in turn spotting these ads.

email - 5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Marketing


Emailing is one of the most efficient ways to promote your product or service. Customers love learning about new things and if you get you emailing game on the level that it should be, it creates a very responsive effect from possible clients. It is also a great way of keeping in touch with our previous customers and creating a long term relationship with them. The main and deciding factor on whether or not your email marketing will in fact work is for you to create fun and inviting emails, whilst keeping them professional.


Social media marketing platforms have drastically changed the way we engage with our potential customers. The facts and figures really speak for themselves. In the year 2017, an astounding 81 percent of Americans have an active social media account which means that one great social media post can reach over 80 percent of the population. Not only that, but you can market to the whole world also, with users that are active reaching 1.96 billion people. By 2018 that number is set to soar, having one third of the people on the planet using these platforms. Now that is something to write home about.

As you can see the evolution of modern marketing has had the impact of reaching many more people than classic marketing was able to.

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