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Online marketing is essential in order to reach a large number of your target audiences. Make sure to have a look at the tools below which will aid you in order to get your best foot forward. These are free tools that can be found online. We update this list on a monthly basis so make sure to check in once in a while and see what is on offer for you.

Google Page Speed Insights

Throw in a website and by using this tool you can find out the loading time of the site and its performance for both desktop and mobile versions. You will also be presented with suggestions as to how you can improve on the pages performance to get it to optimal levels.

Keywords are, well key to getting your business recognized amongst the masses. Here you can find long- tail keywords that are regularly searched with your keywords. It really is very handy.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will allow you to find out everything about the traffic of your website. From the best times to post of various social media platforms to keyword insights, this tool has the answers to drive your brand forward.